Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scary Stuff

Aye, this is David standing my post inside the Watchtower and what do I see... the biggest storm in the U.S. history since the Depression.  Why do you ask? Since HR 3200 did not pass desiring you to have your health information inside your body, so they have a record of you in case you are incapacitated so the story goes. Knowing the government like I do, they’ll either try to get it passed again or Obama will bypass the process altogether and make it an Executive Order. 

Lynn calls me Paranoid and Delusional I guess because I called it the Mark of the Beast. I do believe President Obama is an Anti Christ like Bill Clinton but not The Anti Christ. My characters and I agree. I judge a man on how he walks not how he talks. Talk is Cheap. Mac and I agree, “Deeds not words.” 

Now how about this... Obama is firing all the Generals and Admirals that disagreed with his policies. He is replacing them with like-minded individuals. If that doesn’t scare you, the SEIU Service Employee International Union founder suggested construction concentration camps for those of us that need to be brainwashed into the liberal mindset. As for me, I’m not getting on the bus. Oh I hear you now. You think I’m paranoid, delusional or lost my mind. Conroe, Texas has one and its finished just waiting to be inhabited. How do I know this? I’ve seen it. It is supposedly to be used for Illegal Alien detainees Center. It has guard towers, long barracks, barbed-wire and looks like something out of German Concentration Camp. If that doesn’t terrify you, there’s a one way railroad track at a place called Rex War. At this place, is where the send people in cattle cars to be incinerated alive because they been exposed to biological and chemical warfare agents. How do I know this, you may ask. I met Juan Nonymous. He helped build and staff the place. 

Now you can put the two things together and then read the Koran where the last line reads, “If you cannot convert the Infidels, Christian and the Jews they shall be exterminated.”  Since Obama, who I think is a Muslim and has aligned himself with the Muslim Brotherhood. That should even terrify you more. 

Now here’s the positive, in our book, I said several states were looking at secession because of Lyons’ policies. As of last night at the White House website, 25 states and 83,000 signatures want to secede from the Union. I encourage those that feel the way I do to support that.
For those of you willing to give up your freedom for safety and security, don’t expect and furthermore you don’t deserve it either. For God and Country, long live the Republic of Texas. This is David the Night Watchman, signing off.

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