Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All Orders Will Be Obeyed

Aye, this is David, the Night Watchman at my post inside the watch tower.  I’m looking at one big mother of a storm brewing. 

First things first, I've recently been called a rambling blithering idiot who was sleep-deprived.  Not to make any excuses, I’ll I admit was sleep deprived at the time of my last blog. I was going on 2 full weeks of working anywhere from 6 to 15 hour shifts. To top it off, Lynn had no idea where I was going with this and felt uncomfortable editing it.  I’m asking that you please forgive my inconsistencies and hopefully all will be made clearer when I add some more thoughts and visions on the matter. 

Imagine an America where every major U.S. city is under attack? By whom you may ask?  The answer, “Left-wing Radicals”... everyone is screaming for the government to do something. 

What does the government do? They declare a state of emergency and Marshall Law, then send in the Marines. Hurray! The malcontents are stopped.  Hurray, we can go about our business. 

But alas, this is not so. Why you ask, Grasshopper? Because, when you become a member of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC), you have to answer one important question.  In ordered for you to be processed and go to boot camp where you become a full-fledged Killer of Men, this question has to be answered yes. What is that question?  Are you willing to fire upon U.S. citizens?  Yes or No. If you mark yes, you are going to boot camp. If you mark no, you’ll need to find a recruiter from another branch of service.  

Here’s another scenario, you’re a law-abiding citizen who presumes that under the Constitution you still have certain unalienable rights.  A Marine orders you to surrender your fire arms. You state your rights and resist. They shoot you, claiming it is by the orders of the Commander in Chief (aka the President).

I hear some of you out there, screaming at me, “That’s an unlawful order.”  Yes there is a provision in the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) that unlawful orders do not have to be obeyed. But in a state of emergency situation, it’s considered the same as war. To a Marine, all orders are to be obeyed, unless specified... meaning that they will explain to you at your courts-martial.

I also hear you say this can’t happen... but just ask the Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghanis, and Libyans.  U.S. Marines have been ordered to kill their civilians.  There are gutless commanders, who will give orders to a Captain. The Captain will give an order to a Lieutenant who will in turn give the order to the Gunny. The Gunny will then give the order to the poor misinformed Marine Private, who in turn pulls the trigger. Now who do you think will get the courts-martial?  The poor misinformed Marine who pulled the trigger will go to trial. No offense is intended and this is not a part of my imagination. This was told to me by someone in the know. 

Upside Down Flag at Half staff
What if Americans are exercising their presumed rights under the Constitution of the United States of America? They do so by refusing and desisting being disarmed by the just sent in the Marines. If said Freedom Fighter and Resister of this tyranny survives, well... see my last blog. Freedom isn’t Free.

Think about it. The Pentagon already has. They are running scenarios at the War College. Their time could be better spent on providing Peace on Earth.  Then again, this is yet another order by the President.  All orders will be obeyed. I’m not exactly sure why some of the more intelligent services haven’t refused to obey. Oh, that’s right; they are now out on their collective cans... claiming they were naughty boys.

Now that you are done reading this, please take another look at my last blog and put it together with this one. Maybe just maybe, you can see the bigger picture.  

This is the Night Watchman signing off!

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