Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are You A Friend or Foe of Israel?

Aye, this is David the Night Watchman standing my post in the Watchtower looking over the horizon and what do I see?  Israel is in big trouble. I hear some of you out there saying, “Oh here he goes again.” But let’s explore a little more about Israeli events:

First and foremost for those of you who are Anti-Semitic and/or against Israel but say you are for God and Christ, remember this, Jesus Christ is a Jew. He was born, raised and died as a Jew. When He takes His throne as the King of Kings in New Jerusalem, He will still be a Jew.

Every nation who has stood with Israel has prospered. Every nation that has stood against Israel has fallen or failed. Let’s examine our current U.S. policy towards Israel. When we forced Israel to turn over the Gaza Strip and gave the Golan Heights to the Palestinians, we lost our triple-A credit rating. We were also beginning to go into Hyper-Inflation. So now, we as a nation are paying the price for the administrations' policy. 
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Two weeks ago today, Hamas launched missiles from the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. Israel retaliated, which I don’t blame them. If you watch the main stream press, you would think the Palestinians and Hamas were innocent victims of this. Even though Hamas placed a cease-fire last week, tensions are still high.
Supposed that you live on Stanton Island, and were subjected to missiles coming from New Jersey.  Would you stand for it? No, you would not.  So why are people in the U.S. crying, “Oh Israel stop the attacks!”

As a nation that is supposed to be for God, we need to re-think our policies against Israel. As a nation we need to support Israel, rather than tie their hands behind their backs. We need to work with their Intelligence Agencies to defeat the terrorists rather than supporting the terrorists, because we are fighting those same terrorists in Afghanistan.

Let me put this food for thought here:  If you don’t think the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous organization, wait until they integrate - all the Islamic-fascists terrorists’ organization under one flag - the Muslim Brotherhood's banner.

Based on my research, the Muslim Brotherhood is not interested in converting the Infidels. They are only interested in eliminating them permanently. That goes for their countries as well, in particular the U.S., the U.K. as well as Israel. We cannot let the Muslim Brotherhood integrate. They are already in control of Egypt, their gaining control in Libya, now they have their sights set on Syria. Iran is behind this. If Iran has their nuclear power up and running, they will make nuclear weapons to aim at Israel and US. We cannot let this happen.

This is the Night Watchman signing off!

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