Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preconceived Notions

Hello, I'm David McKoy, the Night Watchman and I'm here to talk about preconceived notions.

Let's face it we all have some preconceived notions about things. Sometimes it is because of the media and other times it is because of what we were taught as a child. As far as the media goes Lynn will tell you that not all military books have Rambo. Not all science fiction books have Terminator. Not all romance books are about Sex.

Speaking of which, I was recently introduce to BiomaxRx by a friend. While not everyone reacts the same way to this product, I can tell you why I endorse this product. This male supplement has given me more energy as well as creating an environment where I eat less. In general, it has made me feel physically better. As for the performance aspect, I will not comment on that. The point that I am making here is that all the hype the media gives to male enhancement products creates an image of SEX. They even have pictures of near naked women or tout a man boasting of a 'boost' in confidence. When in actuality, they could say it helps a man feel better physically. 

In the political realm, the Progressive wing has a preconceived notion that the people should bend to their will. The so called representatives of the people have twisted the people's rights around so much that they are no longer recognizable. Case in point, ObamaCare aka the Affordable Healthcare Act and raising the debt ceiling. Of late, these things have been called into question by the American people. This country cannot sustain these kinds of debts. Obama has been using the current government shutdown as a weapon pointed to the heads of the American people to get what HE wants. 

The American people had a preconceived notion that the government works for them... but this is not a notion... this is how it should work.
The Constitution was written indicating that the government should be run for the people and by the people via their representatives.
 Why is it not working?  Why has this tyrant been allowed to remain in office? 

Freedom is not Free - Everyone has to do their part in maintaining our Republic. This even includes contacting your Representative in Washington. If they don't listen to you then fire them by voting them out or in extreme cases impeaching them or demanding a recall.  

I will leave you with a quote from Mac [Epilogue of Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Wings of Eagles)]

“Then you have morons who don't know what Benjamin Franklin had to say. They would gladly give their rights away thinking they were going to get security but alas all they get is no freedom or security and they deserve neither for being foolish.”

This is the Night Watchman signing off!